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Electricians and builders - are you ready to take advantage of the interest in solar energy?

The surge in demand for renewable energy solutions presents both an opportunity and a challenge for electricians and builders.

However, the struggle to find reliable, high-quality hybrid and off-grid solar products is real and pervasive in an industry where the components used often determine the difference between a satisfied customer and a failed project.

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Stand out as the go-to local expert for solar installations without the pressure of keeping up with the latest technologies.

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Confidently promise and deliver off-grid solutions that are easy to install and provide the best solar solutions.

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We’re not sales reps. We were solar installers, too. Now, we use our extensive technical knowledge and expertise to select products that deliver exceptional value. Our focus is on sourcing systems that are not only user-friendly but also deliver exactly what your customer wants. We can thoroughly address your questions and guarantee the off-grid or solar power solution you receive matches your expectations and needs precisely.

Quality products

As authorised distributors of top-tier brands like Hyundai, and Sunsynk, we provide access to reliable, high-quality, off-grid hybrid solar products that are the foundation of successful installations. We supply top-quality Hyundai solar energy panels, tested in Hyundai’s globally accredited UL/VDE labs and known for their superior quality, reliability, and longevity. Solar panels come with a 25-year product warranty. Our inverters are Sunsynk, another renowned quality inverter in the industry and are hybrid and off-grid compatible.

Extensive product range

We offer a comprehensive selection of top-tier solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other solar accessories, ensuring you have everything you need from one trusted supplier.

Competitive wholesale pricing

Enjoy the competitive edge with our wholesale pricing and efficient solar solutions, which promise to not only meet but exceed your client's expectations. So you can maximise your profitability while delivering great value and top quality to your customers.

Technical expertise

Our solar energy experts support you at every stage, from system design and product selection to installation guidance and after-sales support. Our team are solar users themselves, so they know their products and walk the talk! Making every installation smoother and every client interaction more positive.

Peace of mind warranty

We offer a leading 10-year warranty on inverters and 25 years on solar panels.

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