Off-Grid Solar Power Systems and Installation

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Rooftop view of an off-grid solar power system installation on a residential building with multiple solar panels.

Break free from the grid and embrace a self-sufficient future

Imagine a future where your home powers your dreams - you’re not tied to the ever-changing demands of the big power companies, their bills, and unpredictable (or non-existent) supply.

At Pure Power, we understand that going off-grid is more than just a decision about energy. It’s about your freedom.

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As solar electricians, it was hard for us to find a good supplier who knew their solar product and how to install it.

More often than not, we talked to reps or account managers who had never installed the product and couldn’t answer our questions.

We saw how this lack of in-depth, practical knowledge of solar products led to customers being sold the wrong product and ending up with solar and off-grid power solutions that didn’t fit their needs or expectations.

We knew there must be an easier way to get hold of solar equipment, support electricians in setting up solar for their businesses, and ensure customers get the right solar and off-grid solutions that meet their needs.

SunSynk inverter for an off-grid solar power system mounted on a wall, displaying system information on its screen.
Technician installing a solar panel on a residential rooftop, part of an off-grid solar power system installation
Close-up of a worker's gloved hand adjusting a solar panel during off-grid solar power system installation on a rooftop.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the best products

With our technical knowledge and understanding of the systems, we’ve always looked for the best products.

Products that would provide the best value to customers and ensure that they are easy for them to use and understand. This means you can make the most of the system and save the most money and power.

It also means we have all the information to answer your questions and make sure the off-grid or solar power solution you’re looking for is what we deliver.

Aerial view of a house with off-grid solar panels installed on the roof, surrounded by green grass and water tanks.

Providing New Zealanders with a path to energy freedom

Pure Power is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. Not only are we specialists in solar and off-grid power, but we’re also qualified electricians and electrical inspectors.

As an authorised distributor of leading brands like Hyundai, and Sunsynk, we’ve empowered over 400 Kiwi homes and businesses with top-quality off-grid solar solutions. All perfectly tailored to their needs.

Aerial view of a modern house with roof-mounted solar panels surrounded by greenery, showcasing a completed off-grid solar power system installation.

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Get off-grid or backup solar power for my home or building.

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Two workers installing solar panels on a residential rooftop on a sunny day, demonstrating off-grid solar power system installation.

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Get off-grid solar solutions and support.

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