The Little Ninja Kit 2.4kw Off-Grid System

$9,695.65 NZD


The Little Ninja Kit 2.4 kW Off-Grid System ($8K + GST)

  • 6 x Hyundai 400W solar panels (2.4kW)
  • 1 x Steca 5kW inverter (2kW capped)
  • 1 x Pylontech 3.5kWh LiFePO4 batteries (3.2kWh useable batteries)
  • Clenergy racking to suit roof
  • Accessories (connectors, cable, switchgear)
  • Installation can be arranged and added on

Is tiny house living your thing?

Considering taking the plunge and getting equipped for fully independent off-grid tiny house living?

An off-grid solar system is an investment, so it pays to look around, choose carefully, do it once & do it right.

At Pure Power we’ve selected high quality, durable quipment, with long warranty periods.

Why Hyundai Solar Panels?

  • High performance shingled technology cells
  • Improved shade resiliance
  • Industrial strength durable panels
  • 25 year product and performance warranty

Why an 5kW Steca inverter?

  • Quality inverter made in Germany 
  • True sine wave voltage
  • Integrated MPP tracker
  • Capped at 2kW capacity with 1 You can add another battery later to get more capacity from the inverter.
  • Durable with a 5 year product warranty

Why Pylontech US3000 batteries?

  • Developed Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, the safest type
  • Long lasting with 6000 cycles (15+ years)
  • Depth of Discharge 90% (allowing use of 90% of battery capacity)
  • Modular design - you can add batteries later to your battery bank to expand your system
  • Durable with 10 year product warranty

The Pure Power Team

We are a raplidy growning NZ owned and operated solar equipment supplier. The technical team includes an Electrical Inspector and people living off-the grid themselves who can relate to you about your off-grid plans. We’re looking forward to chatting with you.