Noark PV 360V DC Breaker 25A

$161.00 NZD


NOARK K Type circuit breakers are specifically designed for DC Solar applications.
Most traditional MCBs are designed only for AC applications. AC voltages are quite easy to break because the voltage is alternating from top to zero many times per second. However with DC applications the voltage is always at the top. Therefore it will jump as the breaker tries to open. This means DC breakers must be especially designed to open faster, further and extinguish the voltage arc quickly.

Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.6 x 8.9 CM (L x W x H) 

Weight: 0.24 Kg

• 2 Pole
• 360V DC Rated
• Non Polarised
• K Type – For DC
• 6kA
• Tested to IEC/EN/AS 60947-2