Hyundai 480W

$469.20 NZD


Shingled Modules

Conventional solar modules are made up of a number of solar cells electrically connected using metallic busbars.  The solar cells on conventional solar modules have gaps around them and busbars typically cross over the cells to link them together.  Shingled solar modules have layers of solar cells which touch each other and electrically connected using a electrically conductive adhesive (ECA).  This eliminates the need for metallic busbars.  This method means there are no gaps between the solar cells increasing the surface area of the silicon cells in the solar module.  Plus there are no busbars covering the cells which reduces the light on the solar cells.  This improves the electrical and mechanical performance and the aesthetics of the solar module.

Dimensions: 2056 x 1140 x 35mm (L x W x H)

Voltages and Currents: Voc 46.6  Isc 13.16  Vmpp  38.8  Impp 12.37

Weight: 25.0kg

Solar Cells: 408 cells, ERC Mono-crystalline shingled silicon solar cells 

Output Cables: Length 1500mm, 1 x 4sqmm

Connectors: MC4 Original

Warranty 25 years