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FAQs – Pure Power equipment, design and installation



Why did Pure Power choose to supply Hyundai solar panels? 

Hyundai panels are industrial grade panels, can handle wind & transport vibrations, they have a special rating for cyclones, have shingled technology making them a quality and efficient panel & we can offer a 25-year performance and product warranty at competitive pricing.

What is the advantage of higher voltage panels? 

High voltage solar panels are more efficient than low voltage panels and require thinner copper wire to connect the array, therefore reducing the cost of installation. 

What would be the string configuration for wiring Hyundai solar panels? 

Installed with a Steca Solarix PLI inverter, panels would be installed in parallel strings with 2 panels per string.  Installed with an Ingeteam inverter, panels would be installed in series summing to a minimum of 500V worth of panels. 



Why did Pure Power choose to supply Pylontech batteries? 

Pylontech is a well-known reputable brand. Pylontech LiFePO4 batteries can be integrated with a wide range of different inverters - they are compatible with both Ingeteam & Steca Solarix PLI inverters and they are long lasting, and price competitive. 

What is the advantage of 48V batteries (compared with 12 or 24V batteries)? 

Higher voltage batteries are more energy efficient than lower voltage batteries, because there’s less of a step up to 230V therefore less load on the inverter. 

Is it possible for devices such as lighting & a Steca PF 166-H fridge/freezer to be wired on a DC circuit with 48V batteries? 

Yes, 48V DC lights are not as common but the voltage can be stepped down at the lights to suit 24V or 12V lighting. 

Can batteries be added to the battery bank over time as funds allow? 

Yes, a great design feature of the Pylontech batteries is that you can add more batteries to your battery bank over time.  

Is a battery rack / cabinet supplied with the batteries? 

For the 48V batteries (which are more suitable for tiny & small homes), the batteries can be stacked and racked up to 4 high.  For high V batteries, the batteries can be stacked more than 4 high. 

What is the Depth of Discharge (DOD) of the Pylontech batteries? 

Batteries can be discharged up to 90%, your system will be programmed to cut-out at 90% battery discharge.  

To run a 6kW Ingeteam inverter off-grid, what is the minimum number of batteries required? 

At least 3 x 3.5KWh batteries wired in series, we recommend at least 4 batteries however. 

To run a 5kW Steca Solarix PLI inverter off-grid, what is the minimum number of batteries required? 

At least 3 x 48V batteries, we recommend at least 4 batteries.  

How are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries better than Lithium batteries?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are safer than Lithium batteries because they are more chemically stable. 

How are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries better than lead-carbon batteries? 

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are more durable, long lasting, lighter weight and have better depth of discharge. 

What is the warranty period for Pylontech batteries? 

Pylontech batteries are rated to 6000 cycles, this means you can discharge and charge them 6000 times which equates to approximately 16 years of life.  The product warranty is for 10 years.  

What if repair of a battery is required? 

In the first instance, you would call us at Pure Power and we would arrange to either have it repaired remotely or by sending a technician to site. 



Why did PurePower choose to supply Ingeteam inverters? 

It’s a good quality, high spec inverter, made in Europe at a large manufacturer.  It’s a simple design, has great functionality and a 10-year product warranty. 

Why did PurePower choose to supply Steca Solarix PLI inverters? 

Steca is a well-known German brand, is good quality and has a 5-year product warranty.

What are the key differences between the Steca Solarix PLI 5kW inverter and the Ingeteam 6kW inverter?  

The Steca inverter is limited to being coupled with a maximum of 5kW of panels whereas the Ingeteam inverter can be coupled with up to 12 kW of panels. The Steca Solarix PLI inverter would be suitable for a tiny house or cabin, whereas the Ingeteam inverter would be more suitable for a home. 

Is the wifi function on the Ingeteam TL 6kw inverter optional? 

Yes, it can be enabled to allow you to view your solar powered system function on your smart phone or you can choose not to enable the wifi functionality. 

System Design & Installation

How do you design an appropriately sized off-grid solar powered system which would suit my requirements? 

First, we need to know about your daily power requirements – you can help us with this by filling out the form we email you.  From the information we gather, we’ll calculate your approximate average daily power consumption and look at possible surge loads as well. 

From there, based on 3 hours of average daily sunshine in winter we would work out the minimum number of panels you’d need to meet your power consumption patterns.  We then look at the minimum number of batteries required based on 2 days of power.  Finally, we’d consider the best type of inverter for your needs.  

Would it be possible to scale my system up later if it needs to be bigger in the future?  

It’s important to aim to size your system right from the get go.  But, yes - another inverter, more batteries and potentially more panels could be added later. 

Will I need a back-up generator for an off-grid system? 

It’s highly recommended that off-grid solar powered systems have a back-up source of power.  This is because especially in winter when you can get a number of days of rain in a row, you’ll likely want to continue to run your appliances as you normally would.  If you’re in a situation where you’re already on the grid and want to go off-grid, instead of getting a generator, there’s an option of installing a switch which would enable you to switch off-the grid during the summer months & just pay the line fees, and then switch on and off the grid as needs be during the winter months. 

Will the price of a total off-grid package be based on the retail prices listed on the PurePower website? 

We will put together a package deal for you which would be based on lower than retail prices advertised on the website and we would also include the installation cost in the quote. 

Does PurePower organise installation? Yes, Pure Power have partnered with technicians and electricians all over NZ that can help with the installation of your off-grid solar powered system.